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3Seventy Announces Trademark of 3Seventy™

November 25, 2014

3Seventy Inc. is proud to announce the trademark of the phrase they have been using for the past year to describe the unique selling point of their SMS messaging platform – 3Seventy™.  This is part of the company’s ongoing commitment to creating a great user experience for clients.  The phrase emphasizes a clear understanding that SMS should be about having a dialog, rather than one-way blasting of messages.

The most unique thing the 3Seventy platform has to offer is seamless two-way text messaging (called 3Seventy™).  A company can host multi-threaded conversations with end users through automated or open-ended responses, without those users ever leaving their text inbox. It can be quickly setup in the platform or through the RESTful API using calls to the system. And integrating this solution into other systems helps to create a robust communications tools that makes data actionable.


“Our goal in designing this platform was to provide more than an SMS gateway. It is a fully featured text messaging platform that is easy to use, especially the 3Seventy™ feature,” said Ben Brown, 3Seventy’s Director of Engineering.


Here is a sample message tree created in the platform for hosting a 3Seventy™ with customers, clients, and staff.   Text in to see the user experience of this sample.

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