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Caribou Coffee and 3Seventy Extend Long-Standing Mobile Engagement Relationship

Mobile Engagement Platform Enables “Caribou Perks” Customer Loyalty Program to Harness the Power of Text and Increase Customer Engagement

3Seventy, a leading global provider of mobile engagement solutions, today announced a new contract with Caribou Coffee to serve as Caribou’s mobile messaging partner. As part of the terms, 3Seventy partnered with Caribou to launch a customer loyalty program, Caribou Perks. Since the program’s launch on January 2, 2014, more than 163,000 customers have registered in Caribou Perks; 55% opted to receive text messages as a means of receiving reward information.

Caribou has been a 3Seventy partner since 2012, beginning with early stage mobile marketing strategies focused on enhancing the experience of Caribou’s customers in the mobile space. In phase 2, 3Seventy designed a mobile-friendly website to provide Caribou’s customers with better mobile site accessibility, along with launching a text messaging campaign featuring monthly news and special offers.

“A large portion of our loyal Caribou guests want to exchange information with us via text messaging or by accessing our mobile site,” said Michele Vig, Vice President of Marketing at Caribou Coffee. “3Seventy’s mobile engagement platform helps us customize communications with our on-the-go-fans by engaging in dynamic two-way dialog that offers unexpected, surprise and delight rewards.”

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