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SMS Campaigns in the News

From churches to museums, nonprofits are bolstering their engagement efforts, one text message at a time


“For nonprofit organizations looking to connect with supporters, members and volunteers, that level of dependence represents a growing opportunity for mobile engagement, especially through widely used smartphone features such as text messaging.”

An example that BizTech sites is the Brooklyn Museum in New York. They took an “interactive approach to mobile engagement, creating the ASK texting app to connect museum visitors with members of its audience engagement team.”  Users can send photographs of specific art pieces to museum staff and ask questions, and engage in meaningful discussions. (Source: BizTech)


Your Business Shouldn’t Opt-Out of SMS Marketing


“Text message marketing can do more than just deliver a message. Text messaging can spur engagement. It can include a link to your mobile website, a ticket, a sales promotion, a reminder, an invitation, and more! You can find a list of SMS marketing best practices here.

Bottom line, it all comes down to engagement. The app is a necessary element of an effective marketing program, but it is not sufficient in itself. All mature mobile marketing programs must also include a text message feature to engage your audience through a wide variety of content on a personal level. So take the time to learn the text message marketing rules; they aren’t so confusing that you should stop using the most ubiquitous medium out there. The statistics speak for themselves – app push messages are an enhancement to your marketing strategy, not a replacement.” (source: iMedia)


Canada is Seeing Growth Too! Using Mobile Marketing to Reach Baby Boomers


“Mobile Giving Foundation Canada – The Mobile Giving Foundation of Canada is reaching out to baby boomers with SMS campaigns that draw attention to their cause. The foundation’s text-to-give campaign is quick and easy, which is something baby boomers appreciate.” Keep in mind that simpler is better. “Make sure your call to action is clear, concise, and linkable or baby boomer recipients might pass.” (source: Business Review Canada)



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