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Sherry Matthews Marketing, TxDOT and 3Seventy Join Forces to Deter Drunk Driving

College Students Use A Location-Based Mobile Website to Find Sober Rides through TxDOT and 3Seventy

Austin, Texas – October 23, 2012

Sherry Matthews Advocacy Marketing and the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) have joined forces with 3Seventy to promote sober rides to young adults.

Created by Sherry Matthews Marketing, TxDOT’s annual “Who’s Driving Tonight?” campaign targets drivers in their 20s – those who are more likely to be involved in drunk driving crashes than any other age group – with options to avoid driving under the influence of alcohol. A key component is a mobile website that identifies an individual’s location and serves up geo-targeted sober ride options including nearby taxis, bus routes, limo companies, and even pedicabs, The site also integrates with social media so users can reach out to friends to be their designated driver.

TxDOT and 3Seventy Offer Mobile Website – Read the full press release

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