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Services Release v2.8

Services v2.8

The Services deployment is what makes the whole thing run.  Fast.  We have made the following improvements to services in this release:

Bulk Contact Upload
  • From the platform (or API), you can upload a spreadsheet containing hundreds of thousands of contacts.
  • Note that this is a merging activity,  so you can update existing contact information this way as well as upload new contacts.


Database Upgrade
  • We have upgraded our core database to a “P2” Azure Premium Database.


High-volume STOP request processing
  • With the database upgrade, along with update code, we have tested at being able to process 5,000 near-instantaneous STOP requests with 100% success.


High-volume push confidence
  • We have tested several 500,000+ pushes successfully.


New STOP keywords
  • New keywords were added to facilitate a STOP request per recent CTIA requirements:  CANCEL, END, UNSUBSCRIBE, & QUIT


API v2.0 (version v2.0.8)

The API deployment requires 99.999% uptime as many customers and external systems continually connect to it.  It is separated from the other deployments for this reason.
Bulk Contact Upload
  • This major feature upgrades the Bulk Contact Upload, which is geared for consumption by API clients.


External Coupon Upload
  • We added several endpoints related to the ability to upload an external list of coupon codes for use with a coupon campaign
  • These new endpoints were necessary as to provide the ability to upload coupon lists through the portal, which has been developed and will be available in the big v3 portal release (next release!)


Portal v2.1.1

All v2 reports have been removed, and replaced with new v3 reports!
  • The Message Log is now available under the v3 Reports navigation
  • 3 new reports are now released:


1. Campaign Details Report – Now available for all Gateway, Basic, & Coupon reports

Shows charts for #Texts Sent / #Emails Sent / #Messages Received / #Clicks

Shows chart for inbound keyword distribution if multiple keywords are used

Shows click-through statistics if links are used

2. Dialogue Campaign Details Report – Now available specifically for dialog campaigns
  • Shows summary data with % of contacts that completed the entire survey (versus falling off after the first or any other question)
  • Shows results of each question:
  • If a yes/no question, it provides the distribution of yes vs no in a pie chart.  Also provides completion percentage of how many people received the question vs how many responded.
  • If a multiple questions, provides the distribution of each answer in a pie chart . Also provides completion percentage of how many people received the question vs how many responded.
  • If an open response question, provides a tabular ranking of most popular answers . Also provides completion percentage of how many people received the question vs how many responded.



Contacts Report
  • Custom for every client, shows all contact attribute data
  • This report is also available API
  • Uses a new reporting feature, which allows us to generate a report using a stored procedure rather than a view.  This further enables quick and easy development of many custom reporting requirements.
  • Every field may be filtered; multiple filters may be used
  • Every field may be sorted
  • The sorted, filtered report may be exported to a CSV
  • There is presently a 10,000 row restriction on export – we will make this 100,000 in next release
  • Goal of this report is to use the filters to get the data you need, and then export only what you need for further analysis




Use breadcrumbs for navigating through reports. This allows you to flip between accounts without having to go back to the account report. The same applies to subscriptions and campaigns – flip back and forth without having to go back the subscriptions report or campaigns report.On the dialog campaign report, you can flip between other dialogue campaigns on the account.


Stay Tuned for Release V3.0 in 2015!

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