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Revamped 3Seventy Local Platform Helps Small Businesses Boost ROI

3Seventy Local Provides Small Businesses Boost ROI With Affordable Mobile Technology

Austin, Texas – January 9, 2013

3Seventy, a leading provider of mobile technology solutions, has made it possible for small to medium sized businesses to enjoy enterprise-like mobile websites and text messaging at an affordable price. The newest platform, 3Seventy Local, helps small businesses boost ROI and allows businesses to cost effectively design, deploy and analyze mobile campaigns using Text Messaging and Mobile Websites.  Many small businesses including Nappy Shoppe, Underwear, Restaurant Freedom, ShakeWell Creative and Pombra Dental have taken advantage of these affordable solutions in their own unique ways…

3Seventy Local continues to attract small businesses and license the technology platform to associations, direct mail, media and advertising agencies all in need of cost-effective mobile solutions. Whether they are looking for a simple way to quickly build and launch a mobile website or easily send text messages to customers, this new platform is perfect for any local business to increase revenue and awareness.

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