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MMA: Mobile Marketing Playbook

Mobile Marketing Playbook:
The closest you can get to your consumers


“There is no other platform that is as personal – (one or more phones per person, it’s a personal device); pervasive – (it’s with you all day, from first thing in the AM till last thing at night and at every opportunity for content, information, utility and transaction all day); and proximity (it’s always with you and marketers can use location as a predictor of human behavior).”

True Dialog is proud to be a highly compliant SMS Provider and Mobile Marketing Partner. The Mobile Marketing Association has developed this useful handbook for following best practices in your mobile marketing strategy. Here are excerpts from MMA GLobal’s Mobile Marketing Playbook.


Mobile Changes What’s Possible

The consumer experience is central to becoming “brand ready” for mobile. Whatever your mobile strategy, it must create a seamless consumer experience that not only reinforces your brand, but also engages the consumer across every component. No matter where or how the consumer accesses your brand, the experience needs to feel consistent.

Four Keys: Permission | Relevance | Location | Convenience

How to Build a Mobile Strategy

Creating a mobile framework for your brand. Discover insights that will uncover the diversity of mobile phone usage. Identify your role for using mobile. The mobile platforms you choose matter. Which channels will deploy your mobile strategy through?

Inside the Mobile Toolbox

Marketers should understand the plethora of options available within the mobile toolbox. Unlike other media that are predominantly focused on a single marketing objective – TV drives brand awareness, direct mail drives conversions and more – mobile has solutions and vehicles which drive against any and all marketing objectives. Once marketers have a good understanding of the available tools, the next step is to understand how they intersect with each other and the other media channels. (MMA Mobile Marketing Roadmap)

Mobile Creative Effectiveness

Not too long ago, mobile phones and mobile devices were simply a way to communicate while on-the-go. The concept of smartphones did not exist nor was it in marketers plans for content. During a time when content was about reaching masses of consumers rather than engaging in 1:1 personalized conversation, mobile disrupted this plan.

Measuring Your Success

You must test your way to mobile success. Since mobile marketing is digital in nature it is a perfect tool for tracking and measuring the effectiveness of a campaign. The second half of the battle is for you to sift through those insights and make adjustments to improve the performance of future mobile marketing campaigns. By testing your way to mobile success, you can be in a position to continuously improve the ROI of your mobile marketing


See the Complete Guide on MMA Global Website


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