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Meshing Mobile SMS Campaigns and Digital Signage

Mobile Payments Today: Meshing Mobile and Digital Signage

Maybe it was because I finally got my iPhone 4 in hand and activated last week, but I was stopped by the news from Reflect Systems announcing that the Texas digital signage provider had signed a partnership with TXT4CRM. The TXT4CRM mobile messaging service will likely find its way into many of Reflect’s key networks such as GameStop and Target, along with future deals in the retail space.

So why are digital signage companies like Reflect taking to partnerships with SMS campaign companies? Frankly, it’s because together, the two technologies take on an “I scratch your back, you scratch mine” relationship.

Consider the idea put forth in Reflect’s blog post surrounding the TXT4CRM deal:

With a growing and engaged population using smart phones, mobile messaging has a low barrier for entry — a cheaply sent text message. However, the challenge is to get the consumer to opt-in to receive that message. Traditionally, the opt-in message is issued to the consumer via static, printed signage, which does little to entice the customer to reach for their phone to text to the provided number. This becomes even less effective in high-traffic or point-of-transit areas.


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