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Latest 3Seventy SMS Release

API Version 2.1.2, Portal Version 3.1.6, Released 01/27/2016


  • Removal of the Subscription Endpoint
  • In an effort to clarify basic functions, the subscription features have been removed. You may still edit existing subscriptions through the portal.
  • New accounts generate a new subscription based on the account name. By default, it is recurring in accordance with applicable SMS regulations.


Reporting enhancements

  • Faster, more reliable reporting on campaigns, message logs and contact attributes.
  • Campaign reports now offer a Campaign Messages Counter, allowing the user to view live statistics for sent messages. Users can choose to view the last hour, the last day, or choose a date range.

Trial Accounts

  • Trial accounts are now better than ever, offering a long code for testing. Trial accounts are limited to 10 contacts, but are otherwise very feature-rich.
  • Trial accounts can be seamlessly upgraded to fully-functional accounts.

Bug Fixes

  • Repaired several feature bugs
  • Contact opt-in, opt-out, and attributes can be updated through the portal

Version Deprecation, Consolidation

  • All API calls now use v2.1 in the URL
  • Previous versions may still work, but are not actively supported


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