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Entrepreneur Magazine: How to Crack the QR Code for Mobile Marketing

Crack the QR Code, Mobile Marketing, text messaging

Crack the QR Code

I have a love-hate relationship with QR (quick response) codes. These boxy symbols–which you see lurking about in stores and publications and on product packaging, business cards, ticket stubs, direct mail–function as a kind of bar code on steroids, allowing people who read them with a smartphone app to visit websites, access discounts or otherwise engage with a brand…

The ABCs of QR 
QR codes, originally designed for the automotive industry as a way to track parts, are two-dimensional matrix bar codes that can hold a trunk load of alphanumeric or binary data. By scanning a QR code with a smartphone, you can access digital content on the web (among other things).

Create QR codes by using a free QR code generator. With these services, the user simply pastes in a URL, shortens it and adds .qr to create the code. Scanning the code with any QR reader will bring the user to the corresponding website. Popular code generators can be found at and

Carrie Chitsey, Founder of 3Seventy, discusses the do’s and don’t’s of QR code marketing – to crack the QR Code mysteries

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