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Education is the Real Challenge in Mobile Advertising

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It’s the last Friday of the month, which means it’s time for Female Friday! Today we’ve got a interview with Carrie Chritsey, CEO of mobile advertising agency 3Seventy. The company recently change it’s name from TXT4CRM, to reflect its more advanced role in the world of mobile advertising and customer-relations management. Carrie talked us through how she got to where she is today, and the changes in the mobile industry since TXT4CRM was founded.

What does 3Seventy do, and why did you change your name from TXT4CRM?

We started TXT4CRM about two and a half years ago. Mobile was still in its infancy back then – the market was purely one-way type SMS campaigns. I headed up CRM for KPMG/BearingPoint Manhattan at that time, and when I started looking into the mobile space I realized people were still thinking of it as a month by month thing, with more one-way messaging. So we started out and built an SMS platform that was very robust. We were doing dynamic, two-way conversations. As that platform evolved, we started getting into mobile web, app developing and social networking.

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