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Caribou Coffee Mobile Website Recognized for Great Design

Caribou Coffee Mobile Website, True Dialog, mobile website design

Impact Branding and Design highlighted our work of the Caribou Coffee mobile website.

“9 Awesome Examples of Effective Mobile Design”

Having a mobile website is critical in today’s business environment.

More and more users are researching and shopping on their mobile phones, rather than waiting until they have access to a computer.

For businesses, this means that your webpage needs to be able to fit in the palm of your prospects’ hands. Beyond that, your website design needs to be optimized to function specifically for mobile devices…

Caribou effectively highlights the most important features that you would expect a restaurant to offer.  Each submenu has a very clean design with very easy to follow buttons.  You can view the entire menu and each item’s important nutritional information in no time.”

Read the full article about the Caribou Coffee mobile website here.

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