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Virtual Cards Among Top 10 Gadgets to Help Your Love Life

Virtual Cards, Blinx, text messaging, Match.comTop 10 Gadgets to Help Your Love Life – #8 Virtual Cards

Wish there was a handy service, gadget, or app that would solve all your romantic problems? Look no further! This carefully cultivated list has you covered — even if you just started seeing someone. 

We’ve all heard the standard advice: relationships take work; it’s all about communication, blah, blah, blah. But what if what you and your amour really need is the latest gadget or technological tool to make your love life superb? Hey, it’s not so far-fetched! Here are 10 little items that can help your love life — stat:


Virtual cards for exchanging contact info.

“In the dating world today, the pressure of having to provide your cell phone number can make someone nervous and uncomfortable,” says Carrie Chitsey, CEO of Blinx. “The days of writing down your phone number and exchanging [cards] are over. Blinx allows you to have someone text your specified name to a short code and get whatever information you set up on your Blinx card,” explains Chitsey. “You can set it up to have just your personal email address, for example, or your work number only.” This allows you to feel more secure throughout the dating process, whether you’re meeting someone online, via email, or in your neighborhood pub.


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