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From Idea to Patent: Inventing Blinx and Replacing Paper Business Cards

Blinx, Replacing Paper Business Cards, text messaging

Blinx: Replacing Paper Business Cards

When we started our mobile company over three years ago, we were attending several tradeshows to learn more about mobile and innovation. We developed a handy SMS (text messaging) technology using keywords for our company so people could reach us after the shows. We thought it was unique and would help us stand out from the piles of paper business cards. Blinx is replacing paper business cards.

With Blinx, people could now whip out their phones regardless of device (regular mobile or smart phone), text our name to a short code, then instantly get our business card. It would download into their phone and a reporting system showed ROI on your business card. This showed the user who was requesting their card and who downloaded it.

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