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Best Real Estate Marketing Tools From RE/MAX R4

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Real Estate Marketing Tools


RE/MAX R4 was just fabulous this year! Now that you are caught up with all those phone calls that come only when you are out of the office and followed up with everybody from the conference, here is what you need to do next. Check out all the marketing materials from all the vendors. Just kidding. If you are dreading going through the pile, we have just the thing for you. Below is our list of top real estate marketing tools you will definitely need for the year ahead to grow your sales and business.

3Seventy SMS Marketing


SMS marketing is a strong marketing tool because it allows you to reach your customers directly without the noise from other companies. 98% of all SMS (text messages) are opened and read within five seconds.

3Seventy is one such tool that let’s you access your buyers inbox anytime. Organizations like Washington Redskins and Caribou coffee used 3Seventy to increase opt-ins and grow their databases. You can use this tool to communicate immediately with your buyers. This will help you increase engagement by allowing you to create dialogue between you and your customers no mobile. You can also manage conversations and survey your buyers via SMS. The biggest advantage is you can create and manage all the coupons, sweepstakes and rewards along with creating mobile sites for your business.


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