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3 Reasons You Need a Mobile Website

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Do You Really Need a Mobile Website? Yes!

Consumers are increasingly using their smartphones to find local businesses, which means your company could benefit greatly from creating a mobile version of its website — not an app, but a version of your site that works and looks good on a smart phone screen. For instance, if several friends are looking for a place nearby to have an impromptu dinner — and they can’t browse your restaurant’s menu on their phones — they may choose to eat elsewhere, says Carrie Chitsey, founder of 3Seventy, a mobile marketing company. You Need a Mobile Website!

“Not having a mobile website is hurting a small business’s revenues,” she says.


Although the cost of building a mobile app may be out of your reach, the cost of developing a mobile website shouldn’t be. 3Seventy charges as little as $100 to build a mobile website, whereas developing a full-fledged mobile app ranges from $1,500 to more than $30,000, she adds.

A mobile website involves more than merely shrinking your current website to fit the tiny screen of a smartphone. You should consider redesigning the site’s contents so customers may easily access and navigate all of the information on their phones.

Here are three more reasons you need a mobile website:

  1. Mobile websites download faster than traditional websites.
  2. It’s easier to click around a mobile website to get information.
  3. Nearly half of the adults in the U.S. now own a smartphone.


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