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Reaching Gen-Z College Students

As many millennials are graduating college and entering the workforce, Generation Z (Gen-Z) is rapidly taking their place. Gen-Z is defined as the generation born in the late 90s through the early 2010s. This generation makes up about 40% of today’s undergrads, and that percentage increases every semester. Unlike their millennial predecessors, Gen-Z has never lived in a world without instantaneous communication. This means that they are the most connected generation on the planet. As this new generation enters the realm of higher education, professors and university personnel are facing new challenges in communication.Mobile Education, EdTech, Gen-Z, MLearning, Mobile Operations, SMS Solutions

Using Mobile to Connect with Gen-Z

Thanks to their millennial predecessors, many universities are equipped with some sort of mobile application or SMS alert system. As the most connected generation, Gen-Z is communicating instantaneously with each other and non-stop. So how are universities going to keep up with the new wave of students? SMS has proven to be extremely popular for students of this generation. Although millennials do well with email, Gen-Z is more inclined to use faster methods of communication. Having a text messaging service incorporated into university communications is a smart and affordable solution for maintaining contact while addressing the instant communication lifestyle.


Mobile Education, EdTech, Gen-Z, MLearning, Mobile Operations, SMS SolutionsGen-Z in Higher Education

In order for professors and university faculty to keep up with this fast-talking generation, it’s crucial to have mobile tools integrated into everything. This mobile integration goes far beyond basic communications. More then ever, professors have an array of technology to aid them in maintaining their classrooms. The steep rise of the EdTech movement has made mobile devices a pivotal cornerstone for educational success. These tools make it easier for professors to take attendance, record grades, and increase classroom participation.

For students, having a mobile solution means more hands-on learning possibilities. This encourages students to take charge of their learning. And it fits into their fast-paced, on-the-go lifestyle.


Each generation brings a new challenge to universities around the country. Overcoming the generational gaps such as technology development and communication styles is paramount to university operations. Both students and faculty benefit from a cohesive form of communication. With mobile-based tools such as SMS alerts and mobile applications, the burden of communication can be alleviated. It is important for universities to be well-equipped to reach the new generation of college students. What is your school’s plan?


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