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The Curiosity Behind Quick Response Codes

Heineken qr codes campaign, quick response codes
Heineken QR code campaign

Quick Response Codes (QR Codes) have made their way to the US and retailers are utilizing the cryptic little codes in both interactive and mysterious ways.

For instance, look for JC Penny’s to impress this Christmas season with the “Who’s Your Santa” promotion.  Send a wrapped gift with a QR Code printed on the  “Santa Tag”.  When scanned, the gift recipient will hear a personal voice recorded message from the sender.  The genius of this promotion is far-reaching; in that, interaction does not end with one consumer but continues on to include many in on the fun.  The intrigue of not knowing who sent the gift until the tag has been scanned adds to the excitement.

Old Navy is also banking on the inherent ambiguity of the QR Code as they recently kicked off their “Egg Hunt” promotion.  Shoppers scan barcodes found anywhere within Old Navy locations to potentially reveal a prize.  The sweepstakes will reward customers with instant wins, or store discounts.  Participating customers are also automatically entered to win a Grand Prize of $50,000.  This promotion will without a doubt drive traffic to Old Navy.

Heineken used their QR Code campaign “Open Your World” to grab the attention of large music festival crowds.  Festival goers created personalized Heineken “U-Code” stickers which they stuck to themselves.  Each sticker when scanned revealed something about that person.  Some examples of personal messages read “I came from the Global Village”, “I’m not wearing any underwear”, and “Who’s Justin Bieber”.  People became walking billboards of sorts.  The promotion enhanced the festival experience by providing ways for meeting new people by scanning each other, and created buzz.

QR Codes are essentially a way to link the consumer to online content.  This leaves the opportunities here wide open.  The tricky part is getting the patron to feel compelled to take the time to scan the code.  It seems that figuring out how to harness the curiosity of others using QR codes is very possible and full of potential.

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