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QR Codes Help Engage Customers

help engage customers

A new study has revealed that Android is leading the market in the number of users who scan QR codes. Quick Response (QR) codes are increasing in popularity, enabling consumers to scan the barcode images with their phone and be taken immediately to a pre-formatted email, a download, or a mobile website. Although many people might think Apple would lead this market, ScanLife has shown that 53 percent of all scans are made by individuals with smartphones using Android.

The survey was conducted to find out how consumers interacted with QR codes during the second quarter of 2012. ScanLife said that the promise of video content was the leading reason for scanning barcodes. Other popular reasons were app downloads and social media opportunities, followed by loyalty programs and contents.

Mike Wehrs, ScanLife’s president and chief executive said, “More than 50 percent of smartphone users have scanned a bar code so the behavior has become relatively mainstream. Now the technology can work even harder by delivering relevant experiences based on all of this metadata like time of day, language, or location. This is now where we see the next phase going and that is where it gets really powerful.”

The latest research has shown that QR codes are becoming an indispensable marketing strategy that companies must start to use if they want to help engage customers with their brand. Moreover, in a modern world where brand innovation and identity remains vital to long term success, mobile marketers must ensure that barcode strategies are integrated into their advertising.

QR Codes

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