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QR Code Marketing in Latest Twentieth Century Fox Campaign

Print and Digital Meet with QR Code Marketing

A new QR code marketing campaign has showcased just how effective this form of qr code marketing, mobile marketingadvertising can be for companies wanting to develop digital innovations. Twentieth Century Fox has undertaken a new scheme allowing film lovers to buy Ice Age tickets via QR codes snapped on their smartphones. This helps to sell cinema tickets in a modern and mobile way.

QR codes in advertising are becoming increasingly popular. When used in an innovative way, they can grab the attention of tech-savvy individuals and increase sales as a result. During July, Twentieth Century Fox has had QR codes placed on promotional material created by Valpack for their latest movie. By scanning the code with a smartphone, consumers will be able to instantly check theater time slots and purchase tickets to the latest movie in the Ice Age brand on the mobile website. The move is a smart one, especially as figures from Valpack have shown that people utilizing vouchers from the company are 23 percent more likely to have seen films in the theater over the past 30 days.

Bridging the gap between the print and digital worlds is an important step for companies to take. As shown by Twentieth Century Fox, utilizing print and digital alongside each other could be the ideal way to get consumers’ attention from promotional literature to sales opportunities in one simple step. And, with an increasing number of people using smartphones and being aware of the perks that QR codes can offer, marketing with QR codes can have positive results for companies that utilize them.

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