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Why Build What We’ve Already Built?

TrueDialog SMS API – More features. Less programming. Lower cost.

At TrueDialog, we believe in keeping things easy. That’s why our texting API was built with dozens of standard features. Even better, the more you send, the less you spend. Our price is significantly less than our competitors!

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An SMS Messaging App Comparison

TrueDialog Twilio
Prebuilt 1-to-1 Dialog at Scale
API Access
Messages Per Second 240 30
Message Scheduler
API Endpoints 47 3
Multi-tiered Reporting
Contact Segmentation
Dedicated Longcodes
Shared Short Codes (pending carrier approval)
Coupon System
User Interface
Call Center Agent SMS
Want to send a text message campaign easily?
With TrueDialog’s mass SMS text program, you can send hundreds of SMS texts with the click of a button. Use our mobile texting service to build brand loyalty, engage your customers on their cell phones, and more!

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