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Multi-channel Marketing Success For Brands


Multi-channel marketing has once again been highlighted as the best way for firms to find success. While traditional advertising utilized just one channel in its marketing endeavors, internet campaigns, mobile strategy and wide platform use all have to be employed in the modern day if brands are to reach out to as many customers as possible.

For those developing mobile strategy, there are several components that easily slot together, helping to create a well planned and innovative marketing campaign. QR codes, mobile advertising, social media use and text marketing can all be used together to create a powerful combination of platforms, with brands being able to optimize the number of consumers that they reach.

Utilizing as many channels as possible is essential to reach an active audience. Not all consumers have smartphones, which means that text marketing remains an important method of contacting people, especially if the target audience falls into categories that are not likely to be surfing the web on the latest gadget. Likewise, augmented reality and QR codes are great tools for drawing the real world and the digital one closer together, with active interaction being able to take place between consumers and brands. Product launches are a great example of how marketers can utilize all channels, with SMS used to contact customers, social media enabled to create a buzz, and optimized mobile platforms used to offer videos and content.

For brands who want to succeed in their marketing, a multichannel approach is becoming increasingly important. By embracing as many platforms as possible, more consumers can be reached.

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