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More Efficient Work Environment with Mobile

Making Your Operations More Efficient Work with Mobile

The mini computer in your pocket (smartphone) can help your employees to work faster and be productive while on-the-go.  This is a leap in our technical capabilities from 5 or 10 years ago, but how can you leverage this development for the operations of your company?


A company that specializes in improving their clients’ operations has a project that requires them to identify and match mobile devices using their software and text messaging. The result of this project is common end-user inventory (aka – who has what mobile phone, where, and does he or she still work for your company?).  More Efficient with Mobile , Mobile device management

Through the use of a text messaging platform and integrated web forms, this client can easily attack this project head-on. Any devices currently part of their inventory will be identified by sending a text or email with dynamic messaging (personalization) to the end user.  Both the text and the email will include unique links that pre-populate the web forms based on contact information entered into the company’s platform.


What are other ways that you can make your company work more efficiently using mobile tools?


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