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Mocial: Mobile Strategy and Social Media

mobile marketing and social mediaHumans are constantly seeking ways to connect and engage with the rest of the world, even on the go.  People of all ages are linking to each other on their mobile phones through social networking on mobile websites and apps.  Making these personal connections is a big part of the connected consumer experience.

A simple definition of “Mocial” is the merging of mobile, social and local marketing. Social media began buzzing around corporate offices about 6 years ago, along with localization of offers and events. During the past 2 years we saw the emergence of mobile strategy coming into play in our marketing plans. Now mobile is tying it all up neatly with a bow where consumers can connect with each other and your brand from their mobile phone. According to a Google survey, 90% of smartphone users are searching for local information on their phone, and 89% are taking some kind of action.  Mobile Websitesand applications have led the way in this arena, with significant strides by some companies smart enough to include text marketing in their mix.

It is so easy for a consumer to read about a cool event or restaurant from Facebook posted by a friend, and then click the link to learn more. From there you are depending upon your mobile website to carry your brand. Having a strong social presence along with a text marketing database can be the key differentiator to launching your brand ahead of the others.  Mocial creates the one-on-one interaction that every company wants to have with customers.

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