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Mobilizing Education Outside the Classroom

As important as it is to stimulate and engage students inside the classroom, how a student continues his or her learning outside the classroom is equally important. On average, U.S primary school students spend nearly 950 hours in classroom instruction per year, just shy of the 1,016 hours that secondary school students do (Pew Research). What about the other 7,800+ hours in a year? How are schools making sure that students continue to be intellectually stimulated when so much learning occurs outside the classroom?


Mobilizing Education

One way to keep students engaged is to literally make learning an on-the-go activity. Over the past few years, mobile learning (mLearning) has taken off both domestically and around the world. A big purpose of mLearning is to providing opportunities for learning to the students who live far from schools. However, mLearning tools (such as SMS Facts & Quizes and Mobile Learning Applications) also offer supplemental materials for students attending a physical school. The Mobile Economy Project at the Brookings Institution aims to “improve learning and engage students and teachers” using mobile devices. Having classroom activities available outside the physical classroom is one of the easiest ways to keep students continually engaged. Schools are mobilizing education by using these tools.


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Nearly 6 out of every 10 U.S children (ages 6-17) participate in extracurricular activities according to the Census Bureau. Among our high school students, 87% who participate in extracurricular activities do so because they genuinely enjoy it. Extracurricular activities keep kids on the path of academic success since so many of activities, such as sports teams, require a minimum GPA to participate. These activities also support the development of  time management skills, leadership and teamwork. Keeping up with multiple extracurricular activities can be taxing on a high school student.

Mobilizing education tools can be extended to include these activities, and it provides a great opportunity for the schools using the tools to stay connected with their students in multiple ways. Students can get SMS updates from coaches and teachers. Club leaders can setup a basic SMS campaign to send out regular club announcements and news. Or they can use a dialog SMS campaign to invite team members to vote on club issues and ideas.


Teachers, Coaches & Administrators Win

Education may be one of the oldest institutions we have, but it is becoming an incredibly dynamic space as technology continues to support the development of education. Teachers, coaches and administrations are collaborating with software companies on mobilizing education in various ways, and they are winning. They are engaging students to learn and continue learning no matter where they are in the world. And these mobile solutions continue to be fruitful tools for fostering young minds to stay stimulated outside the classroom.


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