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Mobile Success Year in Review

Take a Mobile Success Inventory of Your Business in 2015

Did your business conquer the mobile strategy this year? Are there things you could have done better? How do you know what worked and what didn’t work? Can you say that your business saw mobile success in 2015?

You could simply look at the revenue for the company, see that it is up, and call it a day. However, that would not do justice to the work that you and your team accomplished in 2015. Nowadays, it is well known that the organizations properly leveraging a mobile strategy will grow customer loyalty. A good mobile strategy provides clearer lines of communication and visibility with customers and improves internal processes that increase both employee satisfaction and productivity. We have created a simple process for how you can take inventory of your mobile success this year:


What did you contact database look like in January? Look closely at the numbers as well as the number of contact attributes you’ve collected throughout the year. Learning about your contacts (birthday, zip code, shopping preferences) is just as important as the number of total contacts you have in your database. If you have learned a lot about your contacts, then one could argue that is even more valuable than gaining a significant number of new contacts. Great CRM means knowing your people.

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Through which channels did your database grow the most? Was it your SMS campaigns, mobile app, website, in-store, events, or a mixture of some of these? If you are seeing a trend in the channel(s) where people are opting in the most, then you may want to dig deeper.

  • What was the opt-in process like?
  • Which channel made it the easiest to get connected to your business?
  • Were there different incentives for each channel?
  • What was the call to action that lead to the sign-up?


Mobile Content

When people opted-in or signed-up to receive communications from your business, what were the campaigns that you ran throughout the year? Having a calendar or list format of this information will be most helpful during this part of the review process.

  • Did the content that you delivered align with your brand and vision all year long?
  • What types of content were you sending out? Was it just plain text, videos, photos, a mixture of the three?
  • Was all of your content mobile-friendly? If you sent a SMS message with a link to a landing page, was it a responsive page?
  • How frequently were communications sent out? And did you segment your contacts into lists?

These three sections of review will help you to find places of possible growth and improvement for your mobile strategy and communications with your contacts in general. You may even find that there are places for expansion such as internal communications, new customer communication options, and mobile notifications. Try this out, share the idea with your marketing and technology department heads. Consider stating it as a progressive business challenge – an opportunity to prove the value in your hard work and mobile success.


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