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Mobile Strategy Must Include Multi-Platform Optimization

When mobile strategy was in its infancy, many companies opted to use their existing Internet banners in the mobile marketplace. While this worked to a certain degree, it did not create a good user experience. As soon as people clicked on banners or in-app advertising, they were taken to a non-mobile optimized website or platform. Those creating an enjoyable and simple experience understand how vital it is for delivering the optimum engagement with consumers. It’s logical to say that multi-platform optimizing is essential for a successful overall mobile strategy.

This means that it is more than SMS or a mobile app. The customer experience from start to finish must be a positive one, which means making sure that the digital pieces of your plan have this multi-platform optimizing piece built-in.


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How does visual content fit into the mobile strategy?

Visual content is one area that continues to attract and retain consumers’ attention both online and on smartphones. Watching small clips and videos encourages interaction between a company and its customers. It can help drive traffic through to the correct destination rather than having users click off halfway through a sales process. It can be particularly good for optimizing content, especially if users are directed from banners to video content.

For any mobile strategy to drive instant traffic and fully engage consumers there has to be complete multi-platform optimization. Keeping engagement throughout the sales process can ensure that customers have a simple experience that will ultimately increase traffic and potential sales.

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