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Mobile Strategy In US Sees Marked Increase

It has been revealed that brands in the US are markedly increasing their spending on mobile strategy, with experts estimating that the nation will become the largest market in the world in terms of mobile advertisement expenditure.

Mobile Strategy in US

Until 2012, Japan led the trend for mobile ad spending with predictions that the market would grow by $1.74 billion in 2012, a rise of 27.2 percent. This is in comparison to Japan’s spending in 2011, which saw a 35.4 percent increase in mobile strategy investments. However, new figures have shown that 2012 is proving a bumper year in the US, with growth in the mobile market of 96.6 percent, resulting in an increased industry worth of $2.29 billion.

Communications expert Clark Fredricksen said, “Japan has always been a relatively advanced market in terms of mobile strategy. What is surprising is how fast the growth is in the U.S. In 2008, mobile marketing in theU.S.was just over $100 million and by 2010 it reached $500 million. Since then it has doubled every year – it is growing incredibly fast.”

These statistics indicate just how important the mobile market has become for companies, with advertising on this platform being one of the most innovative and important ways in which to reach out to consumers. With the US becoming the global leader in this mobile ad spending, IT specialists are set to be in greater demand than ever before, offering the vital skills needed to ensure that the US can continue its impressive statistics.

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