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Mobile Shopping from a Teenager’s Point of View

Guest post by Grace Gerretsen, 14-year-old guest blogger for 3Seventy

Mobile Shopping in the Teen World

As a fourteen year-old girl, I spend more time shopping than Taylor Swift does writing songs about boys who dumped her. So a few months back when my friends and I discovered we could go shopping on our mobile phones, you can imagine our excitement. My first thought was, “Wait a second, this whole time I’ve been looking around the mall trying to find the perfect dress, I could’ve just gone on my phone and looked at thousands of dresses on a mobile website without even leaving my bedroom!” I didn’t know why anyone hadn’t told me sooner! By going on a mobile website or using an app I could have the whole mall at my fingertips. Talk about a teenage girl’s dream!

By going on Facebook or Pinterest, we could then “like” our favorite things online and show them to our friends. Just because teenagers can browse clothes online doesn’t mean we can always buy them. Among my group of friends, only one of us has a credit card, and she’s rarely allowed to use it. This result in constant pleading to our mothers about that Forever 21 top we just “have to have”. This scenario happens every couple of weeks with my mom and me. It usually results in me not getting what I want, and I can say the same thing about most of the girls at my school. Not saying I haven’t walked away with a few new “online” items, but being able to show parents the items we like on our phones really helps too. Most teens go shopping with their friends more than their parents, and when parents aren’t there you usually end up having to return at least one thing. Having the opportunity to go mobile shopping on your own mobile phone is so much easier and teens everywhere are grateful for the brands that allow this convenience and easiness.

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