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Mobile Security Protection Tips

Mobile Device Security

Studies have shown that 73% of users are concerned about the security of their mobile device. However, even with percentages that large many users open themselves up to mobile security threats everyday. Here are a few ways to keep your mobile device secure and safe from hackers and predators.

Mobile Security Protection Tips

Password-protect your phone:
Close to 30% of users admit that they have information on their phones that no one else should access. Keeping your phone password protected will help to keep anyone snooping for your sensitive information in the event of your phone becoming lost or stolen.

Don’t store sensitive data:
Never store sensitive data like your bank account information in your mobile device. If your phone is lost or compromised your stored passwords will be used against you. Take the time to fill out your username and password each time you log into your bank account to keep your information secure.

Never use public Wi-Fi when banking or exchanging secure data:
Connecting to unencrypted Wi-Fi when mobile banking is like reading your credit card number out loud in public. An attacker can easily become the “middle man” in your communications and can log all information relayed between you and your bank or data source.

Use your mobile devices 3G or 4G network to connect securely:
Mobile carriers networks are more difficult to hack than your home or public Wi-Fi networks. This makes them a much more secure way to connect to your mobile bank account or to exchange sensitive data.

Official banking apps offer higher security and less risk:
When banking online always use your banks official application. Your banks application will have extra security verification’s built into the system as it connects to their servers. Using banking applications will also protect you from accidentally using fraudulent URLs that can steal your log-in information.

When used correctly mobile devices can actually become more secure than desktop computers. Just remember to be smart and keep a lock on all of that sensitive data you keep in your pocket or purse.

Mobile Security

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