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Mobile Security and Consumer Behavior Poll Results Surprising

Recently, the results of a survey conducted by National Cyber Security Alliance were published, showing interesting trends in consumer behavior towards mobile security. The “Report on Consumer Behaviors and Perceptions of Mobile Security” looked at the answers given by 1,158 American smartphone users, and presented an interesting snapshot of how they view mobile security.
Most of the respondents (67 percent) cited protecting their passwords as their most pressing mobile security concern. The respondents’ attitude toward their personal information was very interesting, I thought. While 90 percent mobile phone users realized their device contains personal information, only about one-third of those surveyed stated that they were very concerned this fact.
When it comes to protecting data pertaining to their work, respondents seemed relatively unconcerned. Only about 34 percent of individuals surveyed stated that they were very concerned about keeping information relating to their jobs safe.
These survey results underscore the idea that while smartphone users know that security threats exist, they do not know enough about the specifics to be concerned about them. Another gap in consumers’ knowledge about smartphone technology is that device owners are not aware of the steps they need to take to protect themselves.
Since security issues for smartphone users are not going to go away, consumers need to be educated about what they can do to keep their personal data safe. The results of this study point to a disconnection between consumers’ knowledge and about security issues and the steps they need to take to stay safe.

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