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Mobile Privacy on Smartphones- What to Know

Mobile Privacy on Smartphones is Serious

If smartphone users were smart, they would think about the fact that they are carrying a very small computer around with them.  It’s interesting that people who take great care that their personal computer is protected from security threats don’t take the same care with mobile privacy on smartphones.

When people start using their mobile phones for functions requiring them to use personal information, they need to consider that others may be able to access it as well. Downloading apps only increases the risk to smartphone users, who may not realize that these handy electronic tools may come with malware.

The problem with using a smartphone as a handheld computer is that the embedded browser used for mobile applications make them vulnerable to scripting attacks. Hackers are always working to find new methods to attack electronic devices, and smartphone apps are no exception.

I would be very careful about using apps that use the basic identifiers on your phone for identification purposes. It may take more time to sign into Facebook, your online banking and other sites each time you want to access them, but doing this means that you are less likely to be targeted by computer hackers. Consider how much damage your personal information could cause if it fell into the wrong hands and be careful.

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