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Mobile Marketing Strategies for Quick Service and Fast Casual

It’s no secret that in today’s economy consumers are constantly on the lookout for a deal. Fast casual and Quick Service restaurants are losing revenue as dining out has become a luxury for penny-pinching consumers, and the value menu has become king.

What does this mean for mobile marketers? One misconception of QSR and fast casual advertisers is that their key demographic skews low-income with below-average smart phone penetration; therefore, mobile marketing isn’t a fit for their brand. This is simply not true. Mobile marketing isn’t just for smartphone users looking for sexy apps.  SMS campaigns offer a highly efficient solution for reaching on-the-go consumers with both feature phones and smartphones.

SMS Coupons for Quick Service and Fast Casual

SMS coupons are one of the best ways to leverage sales and boost transactions in today’s economy. In fact, response rates for mobile coupons are more than 20x higher than for print and direct mail advertising – media that are both favorites of fast casual and QSR advertisers.

Restaurants can take SMS to the next level by incentivizing users via their traditional marketing efforts to opt-in to a mobile club. Customers can join by texting to a short code and answering 2-3 simple questions in exchange for an SMS coupon. The information gathered can be stored in a database and used to push out exclusive coupons and offers based on a customer’s preferences or demographics.

The bottom line is that SMS marketing can be used as a natural extension of fast food brands’ print and direct mail campaigns and is a surefire way to drive revenue and get through to the coveted, and often thrifty, 18-34 year old demographic.


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