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Mobile Marketing to Expand with HTML5 OS

The popular HTML5 mobile operating system (OS) developed by Mozilla has just taken a giant leap forward. This opens doors for brands to adopt a mobile strategy on more devices. One big draw of a mobile OS such as Firefox is that it allows for the high end content currently available on other systems to be replicated at a lower cost. As more carriers are planning to utilize HTML5 OS, marketers are set to benefit.

ABI Research analyst Michael Morgan said, “Carriers are picking up on the HTML5 basedHTML5 OS, Mobile strategy, mobile apps, mobile websites OS because it is fundamentally going to allow for cheaper handsets to be produced. It may be a third OS that is not as closed as iOS or Android that would give them more control over the device.”

The result of more carriers picking up the new OS system on the mobile platform will allow multi channel mobile marketing to expand. With Firefox building its HTML5 system from the ground up, features can be integrated to offer better service use. In addition, marketers can expect to reach a wider audience and take advantage of new in-app marketing in conjunction with developers. Another possibility is that marketers could create a fully immersive branded experience because a system utilizing Firefox’s HTML5 platform is less complicated than trying to create a cohesive Android project.

A succesful mobile strategy will continue to play a vital role for brands who want to ensure that they reach as many consumers as possible. With the new OS set to become as common as Android and iOS, greater opportunities will be available to advertisers.

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