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Mobile Marketing Confusion: Who Owns It and How Does It Run?

Who handles the mobile marketing strategy in your company?


According to a recent survey by the CMO Council, “24% admit mobile is an area of confusion in their organization and has no clear owner.” (Marketing Profs). When digital advertising and promotions first began, it often sat somewhere between IT and Marketing. The marketing team would come up with the brilliant ideas, and the IT team would deploy it. Over time, we’ve seen the birth and growth of digital marketing and departments dedicated to it within companies – both large and small.

Mobile marketing is going through it’s Renaissance, and companies are trying to find the right place in the organization to incorporate it. After all, mobile technology not only affects the marketing strategy but often operations and logistics too. What is the best way to address this issue?

Incorporating Mobile Marketing Into Your Plans

STEP 1 – Why do you need mobile marketing or mobile tools for your operations? Make sure you are clear on the why, so that you can choose the right tools and set appropriate goals.  (ie EFG company wants to make appointments easier to schedule and track for their customers and most of them are using text messaging on a regular basis, so they are going to integrate SMS into their scheduling software to automate the process).

STEP 2 – What mobile tools are you looking to use and what are the technical requirements of your needs? SMS (text messages), a mobile website, mobile commerce, a mobile application, or a mixture of these can all be integrated into your business tool set.

If you only need something simple like SMS for mobile marketing efforts, then someone from your marketing team can be quickly trained to do that. However, it is likely that you will want to integrate some of the technology into your other software (such as CRM software or Point-of-Sale systems). That will require some technical setup.

STEP 3 – Who in your company will be most effected by the use of this new mobile marketing tool(s)? Is it purely a marketing tool? Perhaps it is integrated into your e-commerce or your operations software. Make sure that anyone benefitting from this new tool is part of the on-boarding conversation.

STEP 4 – How will you assign the work? Depending upon what you’re doing, you may want mobile to be a cross-department committee or team that meets regularly.

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Creating a Mobile Team


Companies continue to think in single projects rather than developing a long-term, comprehensive mobile strategy.  Before you jump into creating a mobile team, pause and recognize the many potential projects that include mobile tools.

If you plan it right, then you will be able to create a balanced mobile team in your company – that will likely cross departments. This can help you to avoid misunderstandings among staff about what is happening with… the mobile app development, SMS mobile marketing campaigns, etc. Plus, you will be building a conversation around the best consumer / user experience across all devices and places.




Every company is unique, but it is important for you to set aside time to plan exactly how you will be using mobile tools and who it will affect. Planning is key to any strong strategy, especially mobile strategy.


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