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Mobile Marketing can be an Effective Tool for Tourism Industry

Why would the tourist industry be interested in using mobile marketing techniques to attract visitors? Mobile engagement has proven successful in other industries, such as banking, restaurants, and entertainment, so it only makes sense that consumers would want to search travel deals through their mobile devices. Most travelers use their smartphones to search for restaurants, accommodations, and attractions while they are away from home, so it’s important that they find the information they are looking for through a fast, user friendly website on their devices.
People who are planning a trip that will take place in the future may use a desktop or laptop computer to conduct their initial research. When it gets closer to the actual departure date, it makes more sense for them to use a handheld device to browse for last-minute deals and online coupons.
Business owners who are offering services that will appeal to tourists will want to make sure that people using these devices can find their web sites by making sure that they have a mobile website set up and ready to go before their busy season starts.
Another great reason to set up a website for mobile devices is that local results tend to rank higher in mobile searches. The mobile engagement platform gives you another chance to connect with visitors who are in the area and who are specifically looking for the service your business provides. Connecting with consumers who are motivated to buy right away is a great strategy for any business, and I can the 2012 summer travel season as a great opportunity to connect with travelers through mobile.

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