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Mobile Marketing Analytics Have Become Increasingly Vital

Mobile Marketing AnalyticsFor many years, mobile marketers have relied on click through rates to determine just how successful their campaigns have been. Now it has been revealed that a rising number of people are utilizing deeper analytic tools to ensure that consumer targeting is as optimized as possible.

Mobile strategy and marketing have taken many leaps forward in the past few years. While click through rates offer strategists an idea of how well a campaign is working, they don’t necessarily give much information on the consumers themselves and how they came about engaging with the campaign. This is where analytic tools come into play, offering companies a more in-depth look at their target audience and consumer models.

Industry insider Peter Wang explained that analytics are becoming increasingly vital as the mobile strategy market becomes more competitive. “Mobile advertisers have to be much more focused, more targeted,” Mr. Wang said, adding, “And to do that, advertisers need to take into account the timing and context of the mobile user – when is it a good time to serve the ad, and what ad to serve. This is where analytics comes in, via real-time collection and understanding of data.”

Although mobile strategy might have been able to get away with limited analytics until now, increasing amounts of data need to be used to ensure effective targeting. Consumers must feel that advertisements are personalized and also relevant to their needs. For this to occur, strategists must utilize all of the data available to them.

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