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Mobile Marketers Used Multiple Strategies During Super Bowl

The Super Bowl wasn’t just a major sporting event for gridiron fans of all ages; it was also an opportunity formobile marketers to use a number of methods to reach out to consumers. I knew that a large number sports fans were expected to be using their mobile devices during the game, which meant that I wasn’t surprised to find that Chevy decided to run a special Super Bowl promotion through iPhone and android apps. Participants would answer trivia questions for a chance to win one of 20 vehicles. Other companies, including Pepsi, Coke, and Subway, use similar strategies for advertising campaigns.
Go Daddy used a QR code during its Super Bowl commercial. I can understand how using multiple strategies would appeal to TV viewers, especially if they are able to stop the program and go back to it later on.  They would have the opportunity to scan the QR code after watching the commercial, which means that the company has more than one opportunity to reach out to potential buyers.
I found the results of a survey conducted by Mobile Consumption to be quite interesting as well. Approximately 40 percent of responders said that they used mobile devices in response to ads on television. Almost half of respondents stated that they were planning to spend at least 30 minutes using mobile devices while the game was on.
Now that mobile marketing has successfully been used during a Super Bowl game, this trend will likely continue in future years.

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