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Mobile Marketers Targeting Super Bowl Fans

The days of sitting down in front of the television to watch the Super Bowl may be over. A survey conducted by Harris Interactive found that 60 percent of mobile phone owners stated that they were going to use their phones while checking out the action on the field. We’ll soon find out what the actual mobile interaction during the Super Bowl was, but I imagine it was pretty high, and opens up a new opportunity for mobile engagement marketing.
I was really surprised to discover that a number of respondents stated that they were planning to use their smartphones during half time and while ads are running on television. While these results may not be good news for companies shelling out about $3.5 million for an ad on game day, it does open up an opportunity for companies to step up their mobile marketing strategies to reach consumers – targeting super bowl fans.

This phenomenon has been called the “second screen market,” and I think that companies who are well positioned to take advantage of it will do very well. Unlike a television commercial, which is a one-way form of communication, mobile ads on smartphones have the potential to be an interactive experience for the consumer.

The person viewing the ad on a mobile phone or a tablet can see the message and then use the device to visit the company website to see special offers or get a discount coupon. The longer the customer is focused on the company’s message, the more likely the interaction will result in a sale. I declare this strategy a winner, no matter what happens in the Super Bowl.

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