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The Mobilization of Rewards Programs

mobile loyalty programsA recent article from Ad Age predicted that the next year is going to be ‘critical in the growth of the mobile loyalty program’.  Here at 3Seventy, we couldn’t agree more.

Smartphone technology has become so embedded in our daily lives that everyday objects are becoming obsolete – maps, newspapers, watches, paper coupons, music players; the list goes on. Now, with the introduction of Passbook as a permanent fixture of Apple’s new iOS 6, and thus the acknowledgement of the importance of mobile loyalty programs by some of those most respected in the tech industry, static loyalty cards are on their way out as well.

The average American is a member of 15 loyalty programs but only carries a card for 1 of them. This is no surprise, as today’s on-the-go consumer has neither the time nor patience to keep track of rewards card clutter. Additionally, due to the cumbersome process and low return on investment from static loyalty programs, many brands have become discouraged or done away with loyalty marketing all together.

The technologies that are being developed to support dynamic loyalty platforms solve the issue of consumer overload and retailers’ frustrations by creating a positive customer experience while lowering cost and increasing efficiency for brands.

How can a Mobilized Rewards Program help your business increase revenue?

  • Real-time communication with customers
  • Location based technology to engage users at the point of purchase
  • Analytics and trending data by the minute
  • Integration with social media
  • Impact purchasing decisions prior to checkout
  • Personalization of offers based on customer data and purchase history
  • Eliminate costly plastic cards
  • Mobile payment capabilities

Emerging mobile technology is allowing loyalty marketing to evolve into a valuable revenue building and analytics tool for brands. Through the mobilization of rewards programs, companies are now able to leverage the power of instant perks to satisfy their customer base while seeing a tangible increase in sales and brand loyalty.

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