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Mobile Innovation is Fast. Are You Ready?

Mobile innovation is moving at incredible speeds

It’s pushing technologists to work double time to satisfy the needs of the public.


The Bad News: There aren’t enough developers out there to tackle and test out every wild idea that bubbles to the surface

The Good News: The community has become more tech-savvy and it’s an exciting space to be in.

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What You Need to Know About SMS


1. Mobile is Permission-Based. This means that you cannot spam random phone numbers with promotional text messages – even if you think the person would be interested. Your audience must choose to opt-in to receive SMS (text messages) from you. This can be done a few different ways:

Texting a Keyword to a Short Code,

Entering a phone number and agreeing to terms on a website form,

Verbally signing-up over the phone with a support/staff member, or

In-person printed form.

In all cases, the user will receive a confirmation text message that reads something along the lines of “You’ve just opted in… reply YES to confirm.”


2. Highly Personal. You are sending a message to someone’s personal phone. This is the device that he or she has at hand for most of the day, which is great – but it can also be intrusive if you don’t deliver the right kind of content. Be thoughtful and selective about the messages you send to your contacts. Just as you have learned to segment your email campaigns, the same concept should be applied to SMS.


3. Opting-Out. At any time, your contacts may text the word STOP to opt out of receiving text messages from you. This is a built-in compliance mechanism that protects consumers. Once someone has chosen to opt-out, he or she will receive a message confirming that opt-out. To opt back in, he will have to go through the same process as previous (texting in, or web form, etc). By delivering quality content at a consistent frequency (not too often), you will prevent opt-outs.


4. Integration. Since reporting and customer relationship management are such high priorities, one of the best ways to track what’s happening with your contacts is by integrating the mobile messaging portal with your existing systems. When you connect the messaging portal with your CRM system, then you can create a complete view of each customer as well as view reporting in either platform. 3Seventy has a pretty robust API that allows our clients to make this easy to setup.


Mobile innovations continue to grow, but can only keep up as fast as the people are requesting.


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