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Mobile Increases Convenience For Online Dating

Mobile Increases Convenience, Youth Text Marketing, online dating My parents once knew a couple that had met on an online dating site. But back then that wasn’t common and many made up elaborate stories of how they really met in an attempt to hide the truth. Today the dating world has completely changed.  As a majority of the ways we communicate and network with people has shifted to technology, so has the dating world. Many young individuals who would partake in the dating scene are too wrapped up with work to have time to step away from their fast-paced lives to mingle with others face-to-face.

With our dependency on technology and our constant need to be plugged in, evolving media has made it easy to stay connected.

So what does this all mean for the online dating world? Mobile Increases Convenience! 

A mobile presence is something that all online dating sites should have already considered in the New Year.  Online dating sites need to expand their capabilities to continue to provide ease and convenience to the end users.  With our busy schedules we rarely find ourselves sitting at a desktop computer perusing sites; for the first time, mobile searches have surpassed that of desktop searches. Working mobile websites with login functions for the user to peruse the site and be alerted of new likes is the ground level of a mobile marketing presence for online dating sites.  Those that want to get the most from mobile marketing need to integrate text marketing into their current channels. Having a number directly linked to the users profile allows someone interested to push a message directly to their phone for immediate interaction and results. It has the ability to impact the end user instantly and would continue to draw in new users monthly.

The capabilities of a mobile presence go beyond a true mobile website and pushes deep into the realm of two-way text marketing.  Online dating sites need to implement such mobile strategies so they can continue to provide convenience for the user.  Convenience, the number one reason why the user began online dating in the first place.

To all the online dating websites – please do the busy singles a favor and keep us in the loop with mobile marketing.

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