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Education CRM Systems Go Mobile

Technology is playing an increasingly large role in education around the world

Many schools and classrooms use education CRM systems for student management. These CRM (customer relationship management) systems are crucial for maintaining attendance, grades, homework, and other various classroom interactions. However, many systems operate on email-based integration for communications. Although millennials are extremely receptive to email, SMS has a higher open rate at 98% and 45% response rate (email has an average 6% response rate).


Mobilizing the Classroom Experience With SMSEducation CRM, EdTech, Mobile Education, SMS Education, Mobile Solutions

For the busy college student, having a mobilized classroom experience is vital to their success. Although many education CRM systems have created mobile applications, it’s sometimes difficult to convey information in real time. Students need information as fast as possible, and in-app messaging often takes more effort than it’s worth. SMS integration into education CRM systems gives professors the tools needed to inform their students instantaneously – less work, higher response rate.

A simple way to utilize SMS with your education CRM is by setting up triggered messages via a gateway. When certain time-sensitive material is uploaded by a professor into the education CRM system, such as announcements or grades, a text message will be automatically sent out to all students on the targeted list. Although this is a commonplace feature in the email portion of education CRMs, a text-based approach will be massively efficient for both student and professor. You can even give students the choice of how they want updates from you – via email or SMS – and either way, you can include the same information and web links to the details. Students will be more likely to read the important classroom information, while professors will have a simple way to instantly reach all their students at once.


Education CRM Supports the EdTech Movement

Education technology, or EdTech, is becoming more than just the technology itself. It is becoming a wide sweeping movement focusing on changing education on multiple levels, all across the world. Integration is huge component of EdTech with many classrooms using apps, software, and even virtual reality to enhance education.  When education CRM systems integrate mobile technology, professors can expand their reach and make room for more students or teach across far distances. By pushing the boundaries of the physical classroom, education can make steps towards being accessible for all.

Education CRM, EdTech, Mobile Education, SMS Education, Mobile Solutions

Using an education CRM is important to many schools, colleges and universities. As of 2015, the top collegiate LMS (learning management systems), Blackboard, was on the market for over $3 billion. Not only is an education CRM the built into most schools, but it is also the norm for students to have access to their educational progress in a digital format. Making education CRM systems more mobile via SMS is a logical expansion for the fast-paced and highly dynamic realm of education.


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