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Mobile Coupons Usage Increase Means They’re Here to Stay

Mobile coupons usage is expected to grow to approximately 300 million coupon users worldwide and over $6 billion in redemption rate revenue by 2014.
Clearly, mobile coupons are an effective way to reach consumers and will not disappear like other trends in coupons usage, mobile coupons, text coupons
Why will mobile coupons will be around for a long time to come? Here are a few good reasons:
•   They can be delivered directly into the consumer’s hands quickly. Speed matters when it comes to mobile technology and virtual coupons definitely fit the bill.
•   The recipient doesn’t have to take the time to clip them out or print them to take advantage of an offer. The age old issue of leaving coupons at home is eliminated as well.
•   Coupons offered on a smart phone can be targeted to a specific customer instead of the general population. Businesses can track buying habits of their customers and offer mobile coupons savings on products and services that they are likely to want.
•   The coupons can be made available to buyers in a certain location. If a customer is in or near a particular business and receives a coupon on his or her smartphone, he or she is more likely to use it (and make other purchases as well).
Consumers also find mobile coupons attractive because they can use them without having to reveal any personal information. In this time when many people are concerned about privacy issues, being able to use a coupon without having to provide a name, address, or phone number is a very attractive feature.
The biggest reason that I think mobile coupons will be with us for some time is that they can be used by several types of businesses to attract buyers. Restaurants, service stations, retailers, hair salons, and establishments can use them effectively.

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