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Mobile Coupons Social Friendly

Are Mobile Coupons Social Friendly Today?
I am always interested to learn about changes that make using mobile coupons easier and more convenient for consumers. Recently, several businesses have taken this step to add features to make them more flexible. Since many consumers have become more budget conscious recently, retailers can benefit from the desire to save money on purchases by offering coupons in a format that will be attractive to smart phone and tablet users.
I can see that being able to collect coupons from multiple sources and then share them on social networks such as Facebook would be very popular. The consumer would need to share the coupon before being able to load it into a mobile device for use. The company offering the savings gets the benefit of increased exposure for its products, and the consumer still gets to take advantage of the price break offered by the coupon.
Another way of using mobile coupons I can see becoming very popular is to have location-based services offering coupons for specific products or services. This type of targeted marketing effort may provide the company with better results than simply distributing mobile coupons at random would.  Shoppers who are in the vicinity and already in a buying mood may be more likely to visit a particular business that offers a coupon or to add another item to their purchases.
These mobile coupon marketing strategies will help to increase sales for businesses using them.

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