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Mobile Business Apps Provide Convenience For Comparison Shoppers


Comparison Shoppers Are Using Mobile Apps

Recently, Amazon announced that they are launching their augmented reality bar code scanning app on the Android platform.  As well as making in-store comparisons easily accessible to everyone running Android, it’s also an intriguing starting point to discuss future developments of the technology. As reported, 40% of smartphone owners are using their phones to compare products and prices and make purchases. The battle lines between ecommerce providers and multi-channel retailers are being drawn and the fight for comparison shoppers begins.

All this spells good news for the consumer, as their options increase in line with the competition for market space.  Sure, there’s integration between mobile phone marketing and third party apps that give people the opportunity to check and compare across a range of products and websites; but what about the advantages conferred when retailers create their own branded mobile business apps that issue targeted notifications of special deals straight to the smartphone?

Whoever comes out on top in this battle the rewards are clear.  With worldwide mobile payment transactions predicted to break the $171.5 billion barrier in 2012, it’s obvious that future trends predict an ever-greater share of business will be conducted on smartphones.

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