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Mobile App Marketing to Reach $7 billion in Three Years

It has been revealed that industry analysts expect mobile app marketing to reach $7 billion in worth by 2015. Juniper Research said that in-app advertising was expected to grow quickly, with companies integrating their marketing schemes into the downloadable applications that have become so vital for customers.

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Prediction: Mobile App Marketing Will Boom

In their latest report, Juniper Research revealed their future predictions for spending; going further than the 2015 estimation to say that figures would climb to $10.4 billion by 2017. The current market is only worth $2.5 billion, but with in-app advertising already showing positive results, its power is expected to be harnessed.

The majority of the growth is set to come from Western Europe and North America, where mobile strategy will utilize application downloads to spread advertising. British based Juniper research analyst Charlotte Miller said, “On the whole, mobile advertising both in-app and on the mobile Web will become much more rich. However, there are restrictions on what you can do with rich media in an app before it harms the users experience of the app. For example, someone playing a game may resent ads which distract from gameplay.”

Over the course of the coming years, in-app advertising is set to become more entertaining than ever before. It will be essential to draw users in by creating entertaining commercials that generate clicks without breaking app use immersion. However, with many companies’ target markets now accessible through their smartphone, it is an area that is set to prosper.

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