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Mobile App Developers Must Keep Privacy Policies Simple

I think that a major component in doing business is establishing trust with the customer. When it comes to mobile marketing and mobile applications, mobile app developers need to be very clear about their privacy and security policies if they want to create it.
Consumers are concerned about what happens to their personal information, and I would say that they are right on the money to be cautious. Now that we are seeing mobile applications being used by healthcare workers, for example, the people developing these tools (which are designed to improve services to patients) need to be very conscious of the fact that medical records and other very personal information is being transmitted electronically.
I would think that the basic privacy and security procedures that need to be followed by mobile app developers would include things such as getting consent from users before collecting information from their social network profile. If an app tracks where a mobile device is located, the user needs to be aware of this so that he or she can decide whether to download it or not. Users also need to be aware of whether their personal information will be collected and shared with any third parties.
If mobile app developers keep consumer privacy and security issues in mind, this consideration will go a long way toward having the user feel more comfortable about downloading them. Mobile marketers also need to cover the privacy bases when they are developing plans for targeted consumer campaigns.

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