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Mobile Ad Networks – Do They Work?

Mobile is hot!  There’s no doubt about that.  Ignoring mobile and the different channels within it is the equivalent of burying your head in the sand and delaying the inevitable.

Marketers that sidestep any form of a mobile strategy will most certainly be left behind, much like those who ignored the internet years ago and those that turned their noses up at television before that.  There is one problem.  Mobile marketing is complex with rapidly changing demographics across a variety of different device types.  So where do you start?

While searching for ways to connect with potential customers, lots of businesses find themselves looking into Mobile Ad Networks.  Mobile ad networks, such as Google’s AdMob, consist of a network of mobile websites and mobile apps where businesses can place advertisements.  Increases in conversation rates, form completions and even purchases have all been directly associated with running a successful mobile ad network campaign.  BUT IT’S NOT WHERE YOU SHOULD START!

If you are running an advertisement across a mobile ad network and a potential customer clicks on your ad, where are they directed to?  Your website!  The first step is looking into a mobile website design!  A true mobile website design will deliver the proper end user experience.  Some estimate that up to 80% of visitors will leave a poorly designed mobile website immediately after landing on it!  How you design your mobile website is a key differentiating factor in determining if a mobile advertising campaign is or is not successful.

Do mobile ad networks work?  Yes, but they are only a small piece to the overall puzzle that is mobile!


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