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Majority of Marketers Using QR Codes

I thought the results of a study conducted by Scanbury were very interesting. It found that marketers are very much aware of QR codes and that most of them are planning to use them in the future.
Approximately 50 percent of marketers are using QR codes in some manner. According to the results of the study, 86 percent of marketers surveyed said they planned to use QR codes at some point in the future. These numbers are very encouraging for the marketing industry, despite the fact that a number of consumers are not aware of how QR codes work and what they should do when they see one. The fact that QR codes are growing should also lead to the number of marketers using QR codes growing. 
Marketers Using QR Codes
I was especially interested to find out that the marketers surveyed stated that the three preferred choices for placing QR codes were on product packaging, in magazines or newspapers, or on direct mail items. Another study conducted by Martin Chadwick Bailey found that most QR codes that are being scanned are found in magazines and newspapers.
I would hope that marketers are taking heed of these results when they are planning their QR code campaigns. A company could invest a considerable amount of time and resources adding QR codes to billboards, websites, packages, etc., but if consumers do not know what to do with them, then this type of campaign will not be successful.
I hope that over time, consumers will become more knowledgeable about QR codes and scan them to access more information about a product.

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